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    Greetings to My Fellow Wilberforceans,


    I'm humbled and truly grateful, to serve as the newly elected president of Wilberforce University's Alumni Association, Washington, DC Chapter. In my capacity as president, I pledge my full and unwavering support of the Chapter and its commitment to the university and will continue to build upon the outstanding work of my predecessors.


    The proud and rich history of our beloved WU is continuing to evolve, and I believe the greatest days of the university are yet to come. Our legacy is deeply rooted in the history of this country, and each of us has an obligation to support our alma mater and it steadfast commitment to creating this nation's next generation of leaders. The university, under it current leadership, is developing programs in IT, the sciences, and entrepreneurship, which are designed to prepare its students for the demands of the 21st century. In support of this vision, it is imperative for each of us to give of our time, talent, and treasurers to ensure that WU remains relevant in the highly competitive environment of higher education.


    To the Gold and Green Be True.


    Anthony Mayo '77